($3 from 3pm, $4 from 4pm and $5 from 5pm until 7pm)
[Menu changes frequently]

Tuna Tartare
avocado, sweet chili vinaigrette, wasabi cream, wonton crisp

Crispy Calamari
spicy tartar sauce, marinara

Short Rib Taco
cilantro mayo, crispy onions, roma tomatoes

corn tortilla chip crisp, cilantro, lime

Sweet Pea Falafel
feta, tzatziki sauce, tomato, cucuber, baby arugula


Happy Hour Drink Specials

R Signature Infused Martinis ($6)
vodka infused with fruits and spices, paired with house-made sour mix and Cointreau

Berry Bourbon ($6)
berry-infused Evan Williams bourbon, lime juice and berry purée

Shot of Love ($6)
pisco, lychee puree, st. germaine liqueur, lime juice and mint

Beer, Wine & Well Drinks
($3 from 3pm, $4 from 4pm and $5 from 5pm until 7pm)