Art Gallery

R House is proud to be working with the White Porch Gallery, the curators of the art exhibits within the R House walls.
"The White Porch Gallery is excited to be a key component of the atmosphere and events at R House. We will be featuring both international artists and local artists from the Miami Wynwood Arts District." 

- Tom Shirk, Owner and Curator, White Porch Gallery @ R House    

Music + DJs

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If you are a DJ or musician who would like to play at R House,
we would love to hear from you. Please submit your details.

Design & Architecture


"I am so pleased with the creativeness that went into the design of R House by Felipe Lara of JFL Development and the architectural team at R+O Studio. It has really provided us with a unique setting and a great place to enjoy food, art, and music."

- Rocco Carulli, Owner and Executive Chef, R House